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Sep 11, 2011

8742 Class Code And Your Company

One of the most misunderstood Class Codes is 8742 also known as the Salespeople, Messengers, and Outside Collectors Class Code. 8742 along with Class Code 8810 are the most popular Standard Exception Codes. Please click on the link for more on Standard Exception Codes.

8742 is not a clerical type classification code such as 8810. If the employee delivers any of the material being sold, Class Code 8742 would likely not apply. Class Code 8742 can cover many types of jobs, even sports agents.

Florida and Massachusetts are the only two states that do not recognize this classification code. Judging from our premium audit reviews, this code can often be assigned by analogy. Assignment by analogy occurs when a job type that does not perfectly fit any class code is assigned to the one that closest represents the class code.

Assignment by analogy involves a large amount of intuitiveness by the premium auditor. For instance, a newspaper reporter is usually assigned the 8742 class code. A reporter is a messenger of a type, but it is quite a stretch. Most of the time, the 8742 class code is for salespeople. One key is the job duties performed by the employee must be off-site in almost all cases.

There are a few circumstances where it may seem that the 8742 class code is a perfect fit. However, if a class code has the All Employees moniker then 8742 is not allowed as a class code. Some classification codes are all-inclusive such as 8829 Home For the Aged - All employees.


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