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Jul 20, 2009

The NCCI Class Codes Are Not Changing

I have received quite a few emails over the last month concerning the NCCI changing their classification codes. The NCCI has had a program in place to review all of the classification codes since 2003. There have been numerous minor tweaks to the class code system. On October 1, 2009, there is going to be a change that will cause major changes to many employers' Experience Modification Factors (E-Mod/X-Mod).

The injury codes and other codes that are included in the reports to the NCCI from the insurance carriers will be just as important as classification codes. What is the best way to prepare for the upcoming changes? As I have posted numerous times, your claims loss runs will be more important than ever in controlling Workers Comp costs. If your company does not have online access, make sure that you receive monthly loss runs that include ALL of the claims data.

I do not want to post any speculative comments. I will wait until NCCI develops their E-Mod worksheets a little further.


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